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With Marcus' marketing blog, he is proud to bring you this free piece of content. After years of working as a marketing consultant, researching and writing articles about consumer behaviour I'm proud to share our free ebook containing how to understand your customer and how to implement consumer behaviour within your brand! 

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Proven Effectiveness

I take great pride in aiding SMEs & Start-ups to increase their reach and conversion rates on digital platforms. 

Marketing is native language to me.

I enjoy building connections with customers 


Over 2,500 Views a Month

I feel lucky to be able to share my marketing passion with existing and new readers every month.

This marketing blog started over as and has naturally progressed to the blog that you are reading today!

It means a lot to me that people are learning from my content.


Reliable Research

I enjoy researching about consumers and getting to know their wants and needs. 

Some of my research is in the process of being published in reputable academic journals. 

Whereas, other research are presented to yourself in my marketing blogs.

About Marcus...

My marketing journey started back in 2013, when I studied business studies at Lincoln College. I discovered marketing there and wanted more specialised education around this business discipline. Therefore, I attended Shefield Hallam University for 3 years to study BA Hons Business & Marketing.

Yet I still felt a hunger to learn more about marketing. Which led me to return to Lincoln to embark on a MSc degree in Marketing with Luxury Brands.

From networking and meeting inspirational academics at the University of Lincoln, I wanted to pursue different aspects of marketing and publish research whilst aiding SMEs to better their marketing campaigns.

With this being said, welcome to my marketing blog. I hope you take a lot away from your time here.

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To your continual success,


Marcus has recently been involved with myself and fellow authors on researching customer and brand communities.

I have been very impressed with the meticulous manner in which he has been conducting the work.

He has provided some good analysis and is a very helpful co researcher.

It is clear the me that Marcus is well organised and able to manage projects very successfully.

Dr Barry Ardley

Marketing Blog Barry Ardley

Marcus is a highly motivated individual who is fully committed to doing well in his studies.

He is an analytical student able to critically reflect on complex subjects. Marcus performed particularly well in the individual assignment of my module.

He was tasked with creating a digital product and maintaining it for the duration of the term. Marcus' project was noteworthy for the regularity and relevance of his updates.

He showed good discipline, good writing skills, the ability to summarise large amounts of information and a good drive to succeed.

I wish Marcus every success in his future endeavours.

Dr Susel Arzuaga

Marketing Blog Susel Arzuaga

Marcus is a highly driven individual who strives to always be the best in his field.

He is dedicated and is always willing to go a stepfurther for both himself and his clients!

Joe Kirman

Marketing Blog Joe Kirman

Marcus is a creative powerhouse, a well-rounded and expert marketer.

His result-driven work-ethic allows him to execute ideas successfully wherever he goes.

It is a pleasure to share ideas and be part of an industry which empowers talented people to be the best that they can be - Marcus is one of the best examples of such talent.

Harry Poderskis

Marketing blog Harry Poderskis

Marcus commits to getting to the bottom of every issue or problem placed in front of him by using all resources he has at his disposal.

I observed his ability to gather useful information on my final year of university when he needed to conduct personal research to identify the actions of market leaders in the streetwear and trainer market.

He would be able to observe key tactics that would otherwise be overlooked by his peers. This attention to detail plays a huge role in Marcus’ excellence in his field.

Daniel Amadi

local marketer Daniel Amadi

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