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14 marketing ideas to take your small enterprise to the stars whilst on a budget

I tell clients pretty much on a daily basis that marketing is imperative if you want your business to reach the stars. A lot of people do not believe in marketing and that is okay, we are all entitled to an opinion never mind how subjective it may be!


But I introduce them into my 14 marketing ideas to take your small enterprise to the stars whilst on a budget model. They transform their ideology!

So what exactly is marketing?

In brief, it is a way of becoming your customers' soulmate. You want to appear attractive and stand out from alternative badgering companies. Find out here on how to become your customers' soul mate.

By implementing my FREE 14 marketing ideas that are discussed below, you can start to transform your marketing strategies.

However, if you are a SME you may not have the same level of budgets that your well-established competitors may wield. So how exactly can you become your customers' soulmate whilst on a budget? 

Well, I have worked with many small businesses that don't have the pleasure of spending vast quantities of money on their marketing activities. 

I am often asked by these small businesses for my aid and marketing ideas. This is because I truly understand what it feels like to work on a budget and to optimise results. Which is consequently why I have written this blog. In this blog I will be providing FREE marketing ideas, advice and tips into how you can bond and connect with your customers whilst on a budget.

1. Communicating on Facebook groups

Before we get started, I am not one of these marketers that are going to provide you with some bullshit that 'Social Media Marketing is free'.

This is completely wrong, in a sense that utilising social media without the advertising is free. Yes, I get this. However, there is one resource that is equally as critical as capital which you have to invest.

It is your time.

However, if you get this right, it can be lucrative to your business. Facebook groups are a great place to start. You can truly find a new audience on Facebook.

This is because on Facebook, it is congested with people wanting to learn, create and exchange information and via providing information to them, you are satisfying the consumer decision making process!

Firstly, do your research, find groups that are unique to your niche. Why? Because it goes back to my aforementioned statement that social media marketing costs your time and you do not want to waste your time trying to target people who are not interested in your niche.

Following this, sprinkle some value on the groups, don't post links straight away, your audience will be informed that you are new and you may get banned from the admins and moderators. 

Engage with the audience, talk to your potential customers, give them advice and tips. By doing this, you're taking the first steps in forming a blossoming relationship with more customers. 

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... remember to continue engaging with my marketing ideas

Continual engagement is crucial to expand your brand image. You do not want to be that brand that is active but not engaging.

It will show the members of the group that you are a valuable resource whilst optimising reach within the group.

When it comes to you posting within the group, Facebook utilises algorithms that determine how relevant your post is if you carry on responding to queries.

2. Be the content king!

In the contemporary marketing environment, content is key.

I love words, I love content that is why I push my clients to concentrate on this above all of my marketing ideas.

Implementation of content marketing is one that has to be seriously considered when wanting to drive engagement, lead gens and sales in a cost-effective manner. This tip is one of my marketing ideas that I drill into my clients.

Keyword research is crucial to success in content marketing. 


Because you can get an understanding of which keywords your competitors are ranking for on search engines.

Then what you need to do is create content that is more relevant to your industry.

This methodology is one that I have implemented for my clients and helped them to drive sales as a result. 

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3. Implementing images into your content

The utilisation of images throughout your content will truly add value to what you are trying to portray!

Research has suggested that when viewers are exposed to high quality images within content then they are 5 times more likely to remember the content they were exposed to 3 days after they first encountered it! Thus, meaning that if you want your brand to create a sense of longevity then you need to ensure that you are being image-centric.

The following are ways you can optimise images within your content!

  • Email campaign - to obtain a higher click-through rate through your email marketing campaigns then images are imperative to be placed at the top of the email so the customer can relate the image to your content.
  • Blogs - A high quality feature image will be helpful in order to grab the viewer's attention.
  • Social media promotion - A cluster of high quality images should be implemented within a social media post in order to surpass the congestion of images and promotions that your target audience will inevitably be exposed to throughout them scrolling through social media.

The point I am trying to get across, is that you want to make your content stand out and easy to remember.

4. Funnel your efforts on social media

It is not a secret that when practising marketing whilst on a budget, every pound is crucial. Whilst marketing across numerous social media platforms, this can become counterproductive.

To have a true impact on social media, you need to be PROACTIVE and funnel your efforts on social media. 

Spend your time and focus on one or two social media sites. Research this, see where you target demographic are most commonly active.

For example:

  • If you operate in a B2C manner targeting baby boomer females, you may decide that Facebook is the best strategy
  • Whereas, if you're a B2C company targeting millennial males, you should seriously consider Facebook and Youtube
  • If you are a B2B company targeting senior decision makers then LinkedIn should be your sole focus

By ensuring that you are funnelling your efforts then you can truly maximise your return on investment.  

Marketing Ideas

5. Using infographics to drive engagement

Infographics can be such a powerful yet appealing tool. 

Many companies possess compelling data but fail to present it to their customers as lets face it data is boring for a customer.

But infographics can attract higher publicity and truly convert a skeptical customer into a loyal one. 

The utilisation of infographics can potentially lead to higher SEO success. You can strategically include keywords in an attempt to enhance FREE organic traffic.

6. Remodel your social media content

All ambitious entrepreneurs aspire to have a successful social media campaign as we all know that this can be lucrative. 

My top tip for these marketing ideas is to being successful on your chosen social media platform(s) is to have a vast quantity and contrasting content.

However, you may already be uploading a lot of content to social media what is it returning you lead gens? 

By remodelling your social media content you can become innovative. 

In today's society where we are going digital, we do need to innovate or we die. 

Maybe you can produce different variations of a certain post that you are planning to upload to social media. But you can tweak the tone of voice that you use or you can alter certain terminology dependent on which demographic you're targeting towards.

7. Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager is one of my favourite marketing ideas because it is a great marketing tool that I strongly recommend to all my clients and if you are not already utilising the software. USE IT!

You can manage your ad accounts for Facebook and Instagram through Business Manager. 

Through Business Manager, you can manage your business Facebook and Instagram operations through a centralised dashboard that is user friendly. 

Facebook provides a report tool where making management decisions could not be easier. 

But the part of Business Manager that I am a big fan of is the Audience Insight tool. 

Because us, as consumers of Facebook, tell Facebook so much about our lives. You can enhance your targeting operations with ease! You can anybody who uses Facebook. This tool can tell you numerous data points such as:

  • Demographics
  • Geographics
  • Gender
  • Time user is active
  • Device
  • Interests
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8. Implementation of exclusive offers for social media

Having a big following on social media technically means shit! It may give new audience members a sense that your brand is authentic BUT aren't customers yet. Converting them into customers is a different strategy!

Exclusive offers for a social media following can be a great methodology to boost conversion rates whilst exposing you to a whole new audience and carry on engaging with current and loyal followers.

9. Utilisation of affiliation marketing

Partnering with businesses that have a similar target audience but offer different products/services would be a great strategy. This tactic does not need to be a costly one.

By forming a partnership with another businesses you can be mutually beneficial for one another and exchanging expertise. 

The way this methodology can be enforced is through mentions in email newsletters or social media posts.

10. Approaching media vehicles

First thing is first - forget about TV ads - this is not what I mean!

TV ads are frankly too expensive and a waste of money! That advertising era has died out. When was the last time you actively watched a TV ad or were engaged with it?

It bemuses me why companies are still proposing this in their marketing activities.

But more direct approaches of media can be efficient but dependent on your target demographic!

For example: if you want to implement a newspaper ad then only consider this if your target audience is business decision makers or baby boomers. If your target audience is anything else, you will be wasting your money!

Magazine ads can be universal dependent on the type of magazine and your target audience. If you are a cosmetic business advertising in a car magazine or a raunchy magazine you can expect a low ROI.

11. Think about incentive schemes that promotes referral traffic

Having a brand community that literally adores you is the most cost-effective strategy that you could wish for. By listening to your customers and rewarding them for their custom, you can turn your mediocre brand into a booming one.

You will generate so much referral traffic that you will not look back!

Offering incentives to your loyal customers can cost you very little but you can certainly reap the rewards!

However, you do need to make it a win-win scenario for both parties if it is to become successful.

One example of this:

  • I implemented this for a client, it was a community incentive scheme. Where customers could purchase a certain product from client for their community, whilst earning accumulative discounted incentive for each new customer they introduce. We gave these customers a title, 'Brand Ambassadors'. It worked very well and ROI increased as a direct result. 

12. Competitions to enhance lead gens

Many businesses employ this tactic, getting followers to like and share the post in order to win. This is one of my marketing ideas that my clients really cannot wait to use!

Many people love offers or freebies! As a business you need to be taking advantage of this! 

You may feel that I am contradicting myself by telling you to give a way free money or a product however I really am not! IT WILL PAY!

The cost of entry is not monetary related but for their personal data! By collecting this data you can carry on communicating with them to get them to convert! 

Track the promotions that you run so that once it has concluded you can adjust your strategy in time for the next promotion that you have lined up!

Marketing Ideas

13. Be unique - be a risk taker

Don't be that boring brand that sticks to the status quo! 

I always advise my customers to edgy and different with their marketing techniques.


To stand out!

You can really stand out against your competitors when you be risky! 

I appreciate that a lot of business owners are scared of upsetting people but you're never going to fully satisfy everybody!

Words can be a great way to implement a low budget marketing strategy! It can grabs the viewers attention! Doing this method costs no more than producing boring content!

14. Split or A/B tests

When you are advertising, it will of course cost you money! 

However, if you split test then you can ensure that you are optimising an ad set to enhance your lead gens,.

Simply run two near identical ads parallel to one another with one contrasting variable. It can provide you with valuable information that your target audience relates to. This could be the colourway, font, terminology or tone of voice.

So how can I help you?

Everything I have expressed in this blog is exactly what I tell my clients but obviously in more depth! If you don't possess the confidence to implement my 14 marketing ideas to take your small enterprise to the stars whilst on a budget. 

I will be more than happy to aid your business.

I have maintain the same philosophy and marketing ideas throughout my consulting, evidently tweaked dependent on the industry and my clients have reaped the rewards, STRESS-FREE whilst they concentrated on other business operations.

You can visit here to learn more about me. Alternatively you can find me on LinkedIn here or feel free to use the contact form below to collaboratively embark on the journey to implement my 14 marketing to get you a higher conversion rate and return on investment...

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