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marcus langmaid

Marcus Langmaid

Academia and research is something I remain passionate about. Conducting research, writing journals and elaborating prior knowledge around marketing is something that I actively undertake.

I am always open to work with like-minded academics who wish to collaborate on research projects. 

Research Opportunities

As a masters degree graduate with aspirations of completing a PhD within the future. Academia is something I really enjoy, from conducting literature reviews into research, conducting the research and analysing the research. I am open to new fields of study but I am most keen to carry on research within the following fields of study:

  • Consumer behaviour
  • Brand management
  • Consumer Neuroscience
  • Neuromarketing
  • Consumer Psychology

Please visit my ResearchGate account here, for more information into my academic profile.


Current Projects

Ardley, B., May, C., and Langmaid, M. - To what extent can online communities be used to facilitate sustainable consumption.

Langmaid, M. - The contemporary consumer is fickle, but is it their fault? (eBook)

Langmaid, M. - Consumerology: A contemporary hybrid of consumer behaviour and psychology.

Past Projects

Langmaid, M. - How does the visual presentation of reduced priced products alter consumer attention and behaviour?: A conceptual model through a triangulation of research methodologies to assess the consumerology of reduction-purchasing customers.