Are you being your customers soulmate? How marketing is like a dating app!

I am positive that you are familiar with online dating apps, it seems to be common trend for the 21st century. So lets discuss Tinder, Plenty of Fish, Match.com, UniformDating.com or any other dating apps that you can think of. 


As a local marketer, I have come across clients that haven't been operating in a manner that they view customers as soulmates whereas I have found some that are practicing this methodology.

As we can see in the graph below (taken from Statista), we can see that there is a vast amount of usage of dating apps amongst different age groups whether that being current usage or usage in the past. More so amongst the 18-29yrs and 30-59yrs demographics.  


From netnography research (online observations), it is clear to see that people on these dating apps tend to promote themselves in an ideal social-self manner when presenting their potential 'hook-up' or 'soulmate' with their pictures. Pictures are the main focal point when people are swiping right or left on your profile. Thus, initiating people to submit their most favourable images of themselves even though it may not reflect who they truly are! Why is this? Because they want to differentiate themselves amongst 'competitors'.

Starting to see the similarities with marketing yet? 

So what are the other similarities that these contemporary marvels entail?

Build trust immediately

Just with most aspects of life, it is imperative to build trust with people you are dealing with whether that is relationship or business related. With that, there are many steps and pathways you can take to build this trust in whichever scenario you are faced with. 

1. Ensure your regular details are displayed prominently and factually.

2. Ensure what you are saying online matches with your personal and/or business' core values

3. Fake profiles on dating apps or fake business Google accounts may satisfy short-term success but it tarnishes trust in the long-time

You can build this trust very easily by following the prior 3 steps but you can also personalise how you communicate with people and not just copy and paste the same message to everybody you come into contact with - A big NO NO for both dating apps and Google SEO purposes. 

Consistent content, open communication and proper grammar are of equal importance. Trust can be formed through a perceived value of competency.  


Differentiate yourself from everyone else

Online dating apps consists of millions of profiles who are all out to seek the same or similar objective which is also the same when competing for your audience's attention in a more virtual setting. I know more than anybody that it can be difficult to stand out. Therefore, amazing and sexy content will make you stand out rather than the stereotypical sales script.  

The implementation of humour in your content is a great way to communicate with who the content is meant to be for. Quality images and videos can be the critical link between higher conversion rates and lowering bounce rates. 

Be unique and be yourself and you will endeavour to find the customer of your dreams!!!

Uniqueness comes from not settling for second-rated strategies that mimic those of your competitors. Your Unique Selling Proposition is what is going to make you successful. 

Not everybody who reads your content is going to be wooed by you, that is a given. Tailor your content to a niche market that will find you attractive. This will build your brand identity and develop a brand community that truly love you!


You will have a horror story to tell at the end of the day

If you ask anybody who has dabbled in online dating, they will more than likely have at least one horror story to tell whether that being 'cat-fished' or I have personally heard other stories that I feel is inappropriate to communicate within this blog, you can use your imagination!

Horror stories can also occur when practising Digital Marketing. As you work to achieve pure uniqueness for your brand something will most definitely go wrong! You could fail to analyse strategies for success, truly understand your target avatar and totally disregard the needs of your customer-base. 

Mistakes are going to happen, accept that - we are all humans, it's how you respond to them that has the lasting effect. Apologise immediately, be honest and move on. Time is a healer!

Horror story
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Are you being your customers soulmate? How marketing is like a dating app!
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Are you being your customers soulmate? How marketing is like a dating app!
Being your customers' soulmate is imperative for continued success! If you treat your customers like a match on Tinder then you are building a loyal customer base.
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