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Are you aware Bing Ads can increase your ROI and reduce Ad spend?

You may be thinking who the f**k are Bing and what are Bing Ads?

I don't blame you, you are more than likely adhering to the conventional social norms and utilise Google for your source of information search.

Or you may be using Google to promote your business through the Google Ads platform.

However, what if I could tell you that there is way to reduce your cost-per-click (CPC) and enhance your return on investment (ROI) with Bing Ads.

As can be seen in the graph below, we can see that Google pretty much monopolises the search engine market. Nevertheless, this is exactly what makes Bing Ads even more attractive.

Bing Ads

Bing wields more than 6 billion monthly searchs with 133 million of those being unique searches.

People are still actively searching for your products/services within the Bing Network.

Bing Ads are still relevant for searchers and businesses alike.

Therefore, it is clear to me that Bing Ads are clearly doing something right which makes me ponder what is Bing doing that Google isn't?

Even if chose to use Bing Ads then you can still utilise Google Analytics in order to track the channels/mediums/sources of the track that you generate through your PPC campaigns.

It may or may not be a surprise to you that Bing Ads have some incredible advantages for businesses that Google cannot compete with.

Lets discuss how...

Bing Ads naturally possesses less competition than Google which brings cheaper CPC’s

In all honesty, I am shocked that many SMEs view Bings Ads as an afterthought.

There is a lot of promotional materials for Google Ads and business owners/marketers are instantly drawn to them due to their brand image and top of the mind status.

However, I am a big advocate for Bing Ads.

The rationale behind this stems from the hard fact that Bing Ads comes with cheaper CPC.

Thus, making your paid marketing and PPC campaigns a lot more affordable.

Bing operates in a similar fashion to Google, in terms of the auction dynamic. 

On the other hand, Bing advertisers can benefit from the lack of competition in oppose to Google ads. 

As such, advertising on Bing can bring you enhanced ad positions and I just want to reinforce the point of cheapers CPCs.

Bing Ads provides advertisers more control within campaigns and at ad group levels

In Google Ads, you cannot assign alternative campaigns divergent time zones. 

Nevertheless, Bing Ads enables the marketer to provide curate trailblazing ad scheduling strategies. Which is beneficial if you are setting ads to reach international audiences. 

When advertising within Google, you are made to set ad scheduling, language, location and ad rotation settings at the campaign level.

Whereas, ad groups within Google Ads are considered by many to be restrictive at the campaign level.

Where Bing Ads wins on this point is through enabling marketers more flexibility within ad groups. 

You can easily alter settings for a specific ad group and not having to curate a fresh campaign in order to publish such changes.

bing vs google

If you neglect Bing Ads then you are omitting twice the size of the UK population

As I mentioned previously, it is clear to see that Google is the juggernaut of the search engine industry. 

You cannot rule Bing out of the equation.

With Bing returning a healthy 133 million searches per month this is 101.5% greater than the UK estimated population of 66 million. Just take a moment to think about that!

Ooo I do love stats, let me throw some more that you...

Bing Ads vs Google Ads: Which Is Better for Your Brand?

To sum up this blog, lets discuss conclusively which ad platform you should be utilising for your brand. 

I think you know by know that Google possesses the highest volume of search traffic.

Although, Bing Ads boasts having lower CPCs without compromising the high positioning and CTRs.

Therefore, it is difficult to tell you which ad platform you should use for your brand. 

Your brand will differ from your neighbour. 

Your ad budget will differ from your competitor.

Your demographic may be more active on Bing in oppose to Google.

However, the aforementioned factor should be considered when budgeting for ad spend.

Regardless of whichever ad platform you choose, one thing is for certain.

Bing Ads will enhance your ROI & ROAS whilst reducing your ad spend.

Want to discuss your marketing activities further?

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Are you aware Bing Ads can increase your ROI and reduce Ad spend?
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Are you aware Bing Ads can increase your ROI and reduce Ad spend?
What exactly are Bing Ads? Well, they possess the ability to increase your PPC campaign ROI and reduce your ad spend. Take a look at this article if you want to get your money's worth.
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