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Rediscover the beauty of words

Words, not the most sexy of things is it? However, in content marketing and copywriting these can be the crucial 'break-even point' between converting a customer and increasing your bounce rate. 

Some FREEBIE advice later on within this blog, so read on...

Marketers often underrate the power that words can posses when trying to reach their target audience. To further garner interest, catchy phrases and riddles are often enough to draw people's attention. Through implementation of altering one word in a sentence can make a vast difference, this is where the use of synonyms come into fruition, discussed later on in this blog.

Use language to enhance perceived content marketing value


Your audience will love words that flow and that ignite a feeling of curiosity. The way content is written can simply complement implicit value. By implementing content marketing that is revolved around value-oriented language it can influence the perceived product/service performance in addition to the desired perceived value. In Phil Barden's book, Decoded: The science behind why we buy, he lists key words that marketers should be using. These are segmented into 'Non-loss' and 'Gain', as shown below:


  • No risk/Free

  • Do not pay too much

  • No more than

  • Only

  • Money back if unsatisfied

  • Avoid

  • Without

  • Reduced


  • Plus

  • Get

  • Discover

  • Win

  • Extra

  • More

  • Play

  • Help

The use of repetition


In consumer behaviour and content marketing, the use of repetition aids the auto-pilot mindset and the consumer will eventually become to remember a brand and raise the brand's 'Top of the mind awareness'. However, marketers don't use this technique as often as they should. I mean it is common sense, isn't it? People will remember what you tell them to if you constantly produce the content. A great case study of this is by looking at Nike. Nike are, in my opinion, pioneers of this content marketing technique. Their logo 'Just Do It', is so powerful but yet so concise. It makes them stands out from a highly fierce and competitive market. They expose this three-worded phrase on ALL their merchandise and advertisements. 

Optimise your headlines

optimise your headlines

You want people to read your content right? That is the whole purpose of you writing it! Well are you creating that intrigue when your content is published in SEO searches and/or social media posts? If you have a low conversion rate or a high bounce rate, I am predicting no?

Adil Amarsi is a fantastic content marketing expert whose writing skills are highly sought after within our industry. Adil can increase the conversion value of a Facebook post by thousands of £££ through his ability to connect with the target audience. 

Adil has many techniques that he sells to his clients on how to attracts more traffic to their content. Through Adil's counsel you'll discover how the follow titles are so powerful:

  1. Discovered

  2. Revealed

  3. If & then statements

The synonym technique


The use of synonyms can truly provide a piece of content into marketing gold!

The use of synonyms can be fantastic, tremendous, remarkable and terrific, NOTICE WHAT I DID THERE!!!

The use of synonyms is not restricted to just blogs and sales copy, we can utilise these in email subject lines, event names, video scripts etc. 

By implementing this simple yet such an imperative strategy when communicating with your audience, you can turn a mediocre copy into a more compelling one that will surely enhance your return on investment.

Recall some advertisements you have seen over the last week or month, on how many occasions can you say that you have been exposed to words such as powerful, valuable and fast to have been implemented as adjectives within copy. These words have been successful in the past however consumers are now becoming 'bored' of these monotonous words. As such, they have lost the impact that they once wielded.  

By using synonyms and taking a little time to research will pay off, when you want to use the terminology 'Powerful', alternative words should be used, such as;

  • Earthshaking
  • Turbocharged
  • Hypnotic

Establishing more compelling email subject lines

You only have on average 42 characters to draw your mailing lists attention when you curating an email campaign, not a lot of words right?

However, what if I told you that using the correct words and utilising synonyms you can increase the Click-through rate on your emails and convert them into sales and leads, would you believe me?

Well, once I had a client that was already producing email campaigns that got excited when 1 person a month would convert from an email into a sale. She approached me asking for help, the email content was amazing but nobody ever saw it because the subject line was either dull or too long! All I did was reword her email subject line and BOOM she turned a minimal CTR into 19.65% within the first month.

Some FREEBIE advice - the following words and terminology are ones that I have personally trialed and tested and delivered the best result when I have A/B tested them against different variations of the words, these are:

  • Introducing....
  • Fresh off the press....
  • The next generation of....

How can I help you?

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