How copywriting also helps you to nurture loyal customers

Copywriting is often acclaimed to be the defining factor between a mediocre marketing strategy and a booming one.

When written with attentiveness, love and care!!!

Curating high converting copy is such a beautiful art that is highly desired by all ambitious entrepreneurs. 

Some marketers are either born with the talent of perfect copywriting or have to work hard to produce such content.

Copywriting has been around for many years within the world of business & marketing.

Now in a contemporary marketing environment, digital marketing has exerted it's interest in this art.

Nevertheless, copywriting is not about being clever or cute.

Your copy needs to be bespoke to your target audience otherwise it will simply fail!

Writing high converting copy is all about getting the reader to take one action and one action only...

To inevitably convert the reader into a customer.

It is as simple as that!

As a matter of fact, it actually isn't as simple as that!

In order to get your prospect to undergo the conversion that you desire, you want to ensure that you grab the readers' attention and nuture it!

The best copywriters such as Adil Amarsi (The Michelangelo of Offer Creation) make certain that storytelling is the salient focus of his copy. He pushes his readers' emotions and brings them to boiling point. His copy reduces the risk associated with purchasing online, vanquish objections and give grounds for his price.

The methodology behind the copywriting murders of dazzling ads

Before I embark into how marketers and copywriters are prime suspects for the crimes of murdering dazzling ads on multiple counts.

It is imeperative that we familiarise ourselves with the fundamentals of classical copywriting.

A lot of the time, the issue of low conversion copy or dismal efficiency lies in the fact that marketers/copywriters simply do not follow the fundamentals.

As such, when the fundamentals are ignored this correlates with the destruction of the advertising copy.

Thus meaning, a loss of conversions.

Murder #1 - Producing a conventional and boring header

The most common murder of killing advertising copy. One that many marketers & copywriters are guility of, is generating over-used and boring headers.

This will, without any doubt, make the prospect disregard the rest of your advertising copy. 

In essence, you have turned the potential customer off before they get to the juicy part of your copy.

Murder #2 - Disregarding the need for subtitles

The utilisation of subtitles throughout your copy is imperative for the user experience. 

Subtitles aids the structuring of of your text and enhances the reader's attention span.

Subtitles are also a great SEO technique, seeing as they can be either H2's or H3's and as such this is needed for on-page optimisation.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone, huh?

Murder #3 - Not providing the benefits of your product/service to the potential customer

Get this, you want the conversion right? Well, the benefits are crucial to the consumer's decision making process. It aids them to weigh up the rewards against the pains of purchasing, especially if the payment is highly-involved.

The primary step when wishing to empathise your benefits and unique selling proposition (USP). Is to recognise the features that essentially provide the benefits to the consumer.

Ponder the actual product, is the shape, colour, or size unique and could this be the USP that your copy can focus around? Your customers may consider this to be a salient customer choice factor.

Then I want you to think about how these features translate into benefits, in the eyes of the customer. If your product is small, could that be a good thing? It could make it portable.

Next is the practical features. Perhaps you manufacture mobility scooters. How do your scooters fare in terms of adjustability, support, tilting and general ergonomics?

Quality is a feature that in most cases is a benefit. Quality speaks for itself, so that even with limited marketing, quality can generate good word-of-mouth. However, describing a product/service as quality or luxury is often over-used and this could bring negative PR, so think about this carefully.

Murder #4 - Not taking advantages of synonyms 

Marketers & copywriters often underrate the influence that words can posses when trying to reach their target audience within their copy. 

Utilising synonyms can ultimately aid, help, assist, be of service to you to rediscover the beauty of words (Notice what I did there?).

Synonyms also enhances the attention span of the reader as if you over-use one word, this gets boring!

I often see this in website and ad copy, and let me be frank with you. If I see this, I'll contribute to your bounce rate and/or I will not bestow you with an increased click-through rate.

Murder #5 - Curating long sentences & paragraphs

Noticed how I have structured this article?

I am keeping sentences & paragraphs short.

Why is this?

Simply because, in today's digital world, who has got the time to be reading long sentences & paragraphs.

In fact, this is such a huge killer of copy, it irritates the reader!

Thus meaning, they'll lose interests and seek copy for a competitors of yours.

Not the ideal situation is it?

My favourite examples of great quality copywriting

Now you have learnt what not to do when curating your copy.

It is safe to say that if you do not publish copy that is along the lines of the murders above. You can nurture your readers into becoming loyal customers.

What I want to show you now is some of my favourite examples of great quality copywriting to reinforce my aforementioned points.

#1 - Caddyshackers

Here we can see Caddyshackers' (A crazy golf company based in Leicester, UK) copy from their website. 

So why do I think their copy is genuis?

Well first and foremost, they have identified a target audience - one that I refer to as the 'Swiping Daters'. Their copy has been tailored towards the demographics that sit underneath this target audience.

Secondly, they have introduced relevance and humour into their copy. It draws you in!!!

Lastly, they are not over-selling. They mention book now ONCE within their copy and utilise one CTA (Call-to-action) button.

Caddyshackers are not forcing the sale, they are letting this genius copy, set the scenario and convert. It comes back to the point that storytelling is key when it comes to curating great quality copy.

#2 - Basecamp
examples of copywriting

Source: Basecamp

When I first stumbled across this landing page by Basecamp, I instantly fell in love with the copywriter that I have never met.

The brilliance behind this copy is too great.

Their headline is short yet tells a hunred words. 

This email opt-in makes the reader think they are not alone with the copy, "Join the 4,088 businesses that signed up last week". This may be bullshit, who knows? Nevertheless, it instantly tells the reader that many people try them and like them.

Then they reduce the risk that many customers encounter through the free 30-day trial. This pain-reduction technique tells the reader that there is no risk and they will gather the email address of the viewer for remarketing purposes.

#3 - Corvette
Example of copywriting

Source: Corvette

This killer copywriting by Corvette is brutal towards Volvo but is fantastic.

They are utlising humour within their copy. The copy may be short but it brings some realisation to the customer.

At first, you read the copy and give of a little smirk.

Once, the copy settles in, you think yes, Corvette are correct... they do not write songs about Corvette.

There is no selling within this copy. It's more about brand awareness but yet it is still some killer copywriting that I truly love!

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How copywriting also helps you to nurture loyal customers
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How copywriting also helps you to nurture loyal customers
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