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Does a 301 redirect pass backlink juice?

A 301 redirect is crucial to send search engines and users to a new and relevant destination 

When somebody asks will a 301 redirect pass SEO benefits such as domain authority (DA), page authority (PA) or backlinks. What they really want to know is if a 301 redirect transfers link juice.

So what does link juice mean?

In essence, link juice refers to the authority of one website being transferred to another.

In its simplest form, a 301 redirect tells the browser that “The page has permanently moved!”

So how does a 301 redirect work?

The terminology ‘redirect’ refers to when you forward one thing to another.

Whereby, there is a shift in direction.

This terminology correlates with activities within digital marketing

A 301 redirect works in the same manner. When one URL (whether internal or external) is forwarded to another.

As a result, the user or search engine are then forwarded to the new URL after they submit their request to go to the original URL.

Example: blog.marcuslangmaid.com redirects to marcuslangmaid.com/blog.

Why should I use a 301 redirect?

Within internet marketing, there could be many reasons why you may opt to implement a 301 redirect.

You may utilise a 301 redirect when you have curated a new and updated version of a page and you have chose to alter the slug. 

Or, you may have procured a new URL and rebranded your business so you want to send the traffic of your previous brand to your new brand.

Sometimes it would not be optimal to build a new website with a new URL however there are occasions where it is needed.

Therefore, when sending a 301 redirect from www.youroldbrand.com to www.yournewbrand.com you ideally want to retain as much authority that you can. In order to give your website a head start with its SEO.

In conclusion, the reasons why you may opt to use a 301 redirect:

In conclusion, the reasons why you may opt to use a 301 redirect:

  • A broken URL
  • When you are A/B testing
  • When you have a website/webpage that is no longer active
  • When you are making tweaks to a webpage that you don’t want the public to see just yet
  • When your brand has a new website with a new URL

Does a 301 redirect affect SEO?

SEOs and digital marketers seem to have the tendency to put the relationship between page rank and 301 redirects at the nucleus of their attention.

Unsure what page rank is?

Fundamentally, page rank is a formula produced by Google. This is utilised in order to gauge the “value of a page”.

The value of such pages is based upon the quantity of backlinks but predominantly the quality of such links.

Without doubt, page rank is not the only ranking factor.

Nevertheless, it is widely thought that obtaining a higher page rank correlates with higher rankings.

So how does page rank affect 301 redirects?

Prior to 2016, if you implemented a 301 redirect to forward one page to another you would certainly witness a loss of page rank. 

The quantity of such loss was often debated greatly.

However, the general consensus was a loss of 15%.

Whereas, it has since come to light that Google has altered their stance on this matter.

For example: if you wish to redirect domain.com/page1 to domain.com/page2, the redirected page should have just as much “power” as the original page.

As such, this a great deal because 301 redirects can now be very serviceable for boosting organic traffic. 

Final thoughts

301 redirects certainly help us SEOs & digital marketers when it comes to setting SEO strategies.

If you utilise 301 redirects strategically then it can be hugely beneficial for your organic traffic campaigns. 

On the other hand, it pays to make sure there are no existing problems with 301 redirects on your website first, as these could be hindering your current and future SEO efforts.

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Does a 301 redirect pass backlink juice?
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Does a 301 redirect pass backlink juice?
Does a 301 redirect pass backlink juice? A 301 redirect can ultimately aid your SEO strategies. Discover how you can take advantage of 301 redirects.
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