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Marcus Langmaid


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I am Marcus Langmaid,

Traditional & Digital marketer.

The core reason that my clients choose me is because marketing is something that comes naturally to me, and I have a burning desire to understand consumers in any industry.

I have enjoyed this discipline of business since I was first taught it at school.

Ever since, I have undertaken a Bachelors and Masters degree around marketing which has led me to discover a new passion of incorporating marketing with psychology.

My love for consumer neuroscience (a hybrid field of study of marketing and psychology) stems from writing my MSc dissertation.

My dissertation focused on 'How does the visual presentation of reduced priced products alter consumer attention and behaviour?' This research utilises a triangulation methodology including: eye-tracking, ethnography and semi-structured interviews.

Since completion of my Masters degree, I have stayed within the academia world through writing journal articles. A current project I am working on is utilising netnography research to understand sustainability within brand communities online.

In addition, I have helped a University friend forge a Digital Marketing Agency.

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Basic information

Personal Details

Location: Lincoln, UK

Age: 24



  • Internet Marketing Consultant at Adtrak
  • Marketing Research Assistant at University of Lincoln
  • Blogger
  • Academic Author


I specialise in...


Consumer Behaviour

Understanding how consumers behave and what triggers their purchasing habits is something that I personally love to do.

I endeavour to provide my clients the fundamentals in finding who their customers are and establishing their customer journey, these fundamentals build a robust platform in improving ROI and brand loyalty. 


Copywriting / Content Writer

In today's modern society, consumers want to be educated and engaged. Copywriting enables this, writing and utilise the correct tone of voice for your avatar is crucial and imperative.

digital marketing

Digital Marketing

From Facebook ads to website design to email marketing to analytics we can work collaboratively to find your customers in a digital environment.

Are you utilising Social Media correctly?

With 44m active users on Social Media in the UK and with an average time of 1hr 54mins a day consuming Social Media content, I can help to ensure you are taking advantage of this.



Is your brand at the 'top of the mind' of your consumers?

With my aid we can ensure this happens. You would want your consumers to automatically think of your brand rather than your competitors, correct?


My Studies

September 2017 - September 2018

MSc Marketing with Luxury Brands

University of Lincoln

MSc dissertation - "How does visual presentation of reduced priced products alter consumer attention and behaviour?: A conceptual model through a triangulation of research methodologies to assess the consumerology of reduction-purchasing customers"

September 2014 - May 2017

BA Hons Business & Marketing

Sheffield Hallam University


Client Testimonials


Marcus is a highly motivated individual who is fully committed to doing well in his studies. He is an analytical student able to critically reflect on complex subjects.

Marcus performed particularly well in the individual assignment of my module. He was tasked with creating a digital product and maintaining it for the duration of the term.

Marcus' project was noteworthy for the regularity and relevance of his updates.

He showed good discipline, good writing skills, the ability to summarise large amounts of information and a good drive to succeed. 

Susel Arzuaga

Dr Susel Arzuaga

Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader at University of Lincoln


Marcus commits to getting to the bottom of every issue or problem placed in front of him by using all resources he has at his disposal.


I observed his ability to gather useful information on my final year of university when he needed to conduct personal research for a client to identify the actions of market leaders in the street-wear and trainer market.


He would be able to observe key tactics that would otherwise be overlooked by his peers. This attention to detail plays a huge role in Marcus’ excellence in his field.

Daniel Amadi

Daniel Amadi

Freelance Journalist

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