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The reason why digital marketing can prosper your lead generation

Within business and marketing, lead generation is the fine difference between a successful brand and a failing one.

So how is digital marketing imperative for lead generation?

Lets take a look at a car rental company. For example, if you were marketing their services, you'd need to gain a grasp of how to generate a steady and growing stream on consumers and take them on a journey of your sales funnel.

When I mention a lead, this is defined as an individual that has expressed an interest in your brand's product or service.

You want to woo them as you would with a match from Tinder. 

So lets stay with the Tinder analogy for the remainder of this article.

By enticing them, you can curate and nurture a loyal customer thus meaning they'll be more likely to continually pay for your products or services rather than your competitors'.

Or in other words, treating your customer as you would for the attractive match you found on Tinder.

You want to set a good impression in order to carry on seeing your match and hoping for the relationship to blossom into a loyal one.

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Within internet marketing, we can focus our strategies around a specific lead generation funnel.

Over time, we shall identify which are viable targets. As such, we then plan of converting these targets to prospects then later into buyers to further they move down the sales funnel.

So the salient benefit of utilising digital marketing for lead generation is that even when you are asleep, you can capture leads.

So there is a 3 step process to this, let me reveal this to you...

The 3 step process to lead generation through digital marketing

1. Generation

The first step to embark on heightening your leads. 

Generation is all about sparking the interest of your propects.

This could be :

  • Entering their email address on your website in return for free content
  • Filling out a contact form
  • Calling your number

However, what if people are not undergoing these tasks?

You could utilise some conversion ratio optimisation tools but there is some alternative ways for you to generate leads...

  • Asking people to sign up for your email newsletter
  • Encouraging people to fill out an online form for a free consultation
  • Using an exit intent popup on select web pages
If you have an established website that already conducts SEO, SEM, social media marketing and/or content marketing. You should be gathering a decent quantity of traffic to your website. You can initally seek to engage this traffic to nurture them into new customers.

Please note that the EU's GDPR regulations requires you to receive consent from recipients before sending messages. 

You need to ensure you ask people if they’d like to sign up for your newsletter before you start sending your finely-crafted marketing materials to their inbox!

2. Qualification

Next comes the qualification step...

It is reality that not every lead you capture will convert into a sale. That is a matter of fact.

It is recommended that you have an effective provess of filtering. This will enable you to filter through all your leads to find the most profitable. 

Otherwise, you are going to waste your time pursuing cold leads that will never convert.

E.g. A prospect has landed on your website, and visits a few pages before arriving on the "Pricing" page, they enter their personal information to obtain some free content before exiting. Another prospects finds your blog organically, spends a total duration of 1 minute and 43 seconds reading the blog then exits.

Just take a moment and reflect who is the most likely to convert into a sale.

3. Nurturing

Finally, the finale!

Lets go get that money that we all desire!

When we nurture our prospects, it is all about exerting all our efforts on providing real information that satisfies each step of the consumer decision making process (DMP).

Once you have achieved all the processes of the DMP within the consumer's eyes, then you are ready to reel in your prize catch.

Research has shown us marketers that compared to traditional marketing, content marketing, and email marketing combined generate 50% more leads. Who does not want that, correct?

I cannot stress enough, in fact I have lost count how many times I have pronounced this within my publications...

“It is imperative that we curate orginial, quality, unique, humourous and relevant content to entice a customer to expend their hard earned cash with us”

Marcus Langmaid

Content marketing aids you get discovered on social media and in search engines.

Then, you can help drive new referrals organically. Appeal to potential clients’ needs and pain points with solution-based content and you’ll get their attention.

Through continuous nurturing with valuable content, people will start to think of you as a trusted source and authority.

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The reason why digital marketing can prosper your lead generation
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The reason why digital marketing can prosper your lead generation
Digital marketing possesses the ability to prosper your lead generation strategies. Join Marcuslangmaid.com to find out to use digital marketing to build lead generation
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